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Easy Front-end Editor
Edit / Add new products or collections items
Demo Features

Hero sections. Meteora includes 7 different types of hero sections that includes animated bg slides, regular slider, video bg, hover interactions.

Hero 1 — Image expanding slides
Hero 2 — Side hovers
Hero 3 —Video bg
Hero 4 —Regular slider
Hero 5 —Side hovers
Hero 6 —Static bg with arrow bouncing loop
Hero 7 —Static bg with arrow bouncing loop

Thumbnails hovers. Allow users to see more images on hover.

Product images hovers. Allow users to jump between images easily and make them larger in one click.

Newsletter Pop up. Grab new clients with this newsletter pop up.

Product thumbnail images. We've included 3 different images sizes for your product thumbnails.

Badge. You can add a badge to any of your products. Change the name and color of your badge in one place and see the changes all around the site

Price "was". Add a price "was" field to your product thumbnails. Useful when you try to grab your customers attention.